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Sarah Mason - Alltogethernow365

Training and consultancy in Diversity & Inclusion and Customer Service

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I'm an an award-winning diversity and inclusion consultant who is  dedicated to helping businesses develop inclusive customer service solutions and understand and enhance the diversity experience for colleagues and customers.  I've coached and assessed customer service for the Institute of Customer Service and I  provide a range of services which focus on inclusion, engagement and creativity. I offer courses and webinars which help leaders and colleagues understand what psychological safety really means; why neurodiversity can make the difference between an average and a great customer experience and why creating services for all protected characteristics is a business imperative.   

I believe that creating a diverse and equitable workplace which is welcoming to all is not only the right thing to do but it also has a positive impact on the bottom line.



Our Services


Diversity & Inclusion

Workshops and Webinars designed​ specifically to meet the needs of your organisation

  • Developing training to heighten understanding of protected characteristics

  • Building a powerful Strategy using your data

  • An Introduction to Unconscious Bias

  • Allyship and what a great ally does

  • Menopause awareness

  • Defining psychological safety and how to empower people to use it


Customer Service

Webinars and face-to-face training


  • The importance of customer service

  • Communicating with customers

  • Problem solving  

  • Understanding and developing solutions for each individual customer

  • Coaching and preparation for ICS assessment


Financial Services 

  • Customer service for clients - how to make it great

  • Attracting a diverse range of new customers

  • Bringing the ROI to your diverse customer bases



Sarah Mason - Alltogethernow365

Phone: 07970 382969

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